Customer Relationship Management

Empower the leading identity
Improve commercial actions performance
Position the offer on new sales channels
Develop the knowledge of customers
Develop loyalty of the profitable customers
Develop the cross-selling

Being “Product” oriented, traditional information systems inform insufficiently about the “Customer”.
Thanks to its CRM methodology, Integrytis accompanies you towards a “Customer” reorganization and reorientation of your Information System.

Indeed, CRM covers the whole functions of a company aiming to conquer, know, target and retain customers. This term combines the management of marketing operations, the automation of the sales forces, the customer service, the call center and the le Business Intelligence.

The CRM software packages available in the market ensure one or several of these functions.
On the ground of its solid expertise in valuing the « Customer » potential, Integrytis accompanies you in all the phases of your CRM project thanks to a methodological and result oriented advice.

The customers expect henceforth that the history of the relations with them will be exploited before and after purchase, but not only, must the real time behavior be also taken into account to be able to propose relevant answers to the split-second. It is this development of the behavior as well as the reached maturity of the various contact channels which leads a real revolution in the universe of the CRM. Nevertheless, there are still organizational and structural problems to be solved such as the complexity to gather and consolidate the customer information, the lack of dialogue between the applications or still the construction in silos of the architectures.

Integrytis proposes you a global offer of services to better exploit the knowledge and the route of your customers for a sustainable and profitable and valuable relation:

  • Customer Reference.
  • Customer knowledge
  • CRM (operational, analytical and e-CRM) and center of multi-channel contacts
  • Management of multi-channel campaigns.
  • Social CRM, customer experience.
  • Real-time marketing, engines of real-time decision.